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When you think about it, both Canada and Hungary are great countries to move in. Of course, Canada has the upper edge because it’s in the American continent and that opens up new possibilities. There are also more industries here, better jobs and paychecks. But as you can imagine, there are always pros and cons.

Living in Canada is not super affordable. Getting Kingston windows might be affordable, but food and living costs as a whole can definitely be better. That doesn’t mean you will find other countries with extremely good prices and a whole lot of other stuff. What you really want here is to find a good, creative way to eliminate unwanted costs and focus on the stuff that you really need.

And Hungary definitely shines there. From a real estate standpoint, you will notice that

Hungary is a lot more affordable.

Even in the capital you will find a large condo that’s a lot less expensive when compared to a major city in Canada. You can use a 100% Canadian windows company to equip your home even in Hungary if you want to, however the challenge is that you have less jobs that pay good money in Hungary. And that’s obviously one of the reasons why people tend to migrate here from other countries.

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The same thing happens when it comes to maintenance costs. The overall maintenance costs are actually not very high in Canada, which can end up being a good thing. At least in the beginning. The reality about Hungary is that it’s even cheaper so if you want to pay less on rent and home maintenance in general, then Hungary might be a good option for sure.

However, the home style differs. Hungary is more focused on the older home styles and architecture. On the other hand, Canada is all about modernism and trying out new things. While you might not be able to find skyscrapers in Hungary, at least not a ton of them, Canada is known for having quite a lot of those. And that really goes to show just how interesting and unique everything really is there.

Of course, that will translate into higher prices. When it comes to material quality, things are not always as you might imagine.

Hungarian homes tend to have great quality as a whole, but so do Canadian homes.

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Photo: Kató Alpár Daily News Hungary)

So it’s all about knowing what you want and getting it at the best possible price. It’s certainly one of those things that you do want to focus on and it might very well work exactly as you need it to.

So yes, Canadian and Hungarian real estate are quite different.

That doesn’t mean one is better than the other, it all comes down to what you really want if you think about it. But more often than not you will get to have a tremendous experience if you do it adequately, so as long as you know what you are getting into, results will shine!

  1. I made a tiny research on actual prices and salary (all facts are from 2020, although some of them are april/may monthly actuals and some are q1 results):
    In Canada average net income is 55.069 $ in Hungary it’s 13.507 $ per year.
    Average house price for single family is 679.300 $, in Hungary it’s 223.739 $ (that means a 1550 sqft house in Hungary and 1800 sqft in Canada).
    Let’s see a rough funding index based on the above: if a person spend all of his/her net income on paying an average house that means:
    12,3 years in Canada and 16,6 years in Hungary (and a Canadian even get a bigger house).
    If we take – mathematically – the same 1550 sqft house:
    10,6 years in Canada and 16,6 years in Hungary

    So, nominally the Hungarian houses are cheaper (approx. 3 times), but if you are not on a way above average salary, relatively Canada is still better to buy a house.

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