According to időkép.hu, a strong cold front will bring significant cooling and stormy gusts to Hungary. In the mountains even snow may fall in the evening. At the weekend, windy, cold, rainy weather can be expected after the drier, calmer weekdays.

Friday: during the day a cold front will reach Hungary from North and Northeast with strong winds and rain. The northwest winds can be accompanied by thunderstorms in the northeast, then in Transdanubia.

The temperature will not drop drastically yet, the peak will be around 11 and 19 degrees, in the south the temperature can reach even 20 degrees.

Saturday: there will be cloud drifts with shorter or longer sunny periods. Weak sporadic rainfall, rain can occur. In Transdanubia, it may be windier, the strong winds at northwest occasionally might be stormy. Temperature drops, there will be 10-15 degrees in the afternoon.

Sunday: particularly windy, cold weather is expected. During the afternoon a strong cold front will arrive from Northwest, cooling the air in the whole Carpathian Basin.

The first snow will fall?

The cold air comes with stormy northwest winds and with more rainfall in certain places. The near-surface temperature will not even reach 10 degrees in some places, but in the mountains there will be substantial cooling. According to the latest forecasts, in 700-1500 metres the temperature may fall below freezing point and rain might be substituted by snowy rain and snow, however, the snow will probably melt immediately.

Source: idokep.hu

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