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I do not like watching commercials at all, but I will appreciate a funny one. It is a win-win situation: you get a moment of joy (maybe even laugh out loud), and you will most probably remember the brand that made you laugh better, which is the purpose of the whole thing. Check out these funny Hungarian commercials for a laugh.

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Do we like commercials? No. Do we need commercials? Probably not. Are they constantly in our faces? Yes. Commercials are a part of modern life. We consume a considerable amount of commercials every single day, either consciously or unconsciously. They cannot be escaped. However, luckily for us, some producers decide to go for a more humorous project.

It is an advantageous strategy to include a good joke in a commercial. First of all, because who does not love a good joke?, and second of all, people remember the things that made them laugh. And they will eventually link the joke to the brand or product itself.

Funny commercials are incredibly well-liked. Just think about the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. It is one of the most significant events of the year, and a vast number of the American population watches it every year.

It is no surprise that companies spend millions of dollars just to get a 30-second slot during the Super Bowl.

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If you are familiar with Super Bowl, you probably know that the commercials that are shown during the game are always high quality, clever, informative, and often very funny. Because those are the ones that stick.

Hungarian are not that different from Americans in the sense that we love a funny commercial. There are many funny commercial compilations on the internet, and people quote them daily. In this article, I tried to collect those Hungarian commercials that are the most entertaining and most popular among locals. I tried to select Hungarian products or brands, because those are probably the commercials that foreigners have never seen before, but I also included a non-Hungarian brand whose commercials were all the rage back in the 1990s.


For some reason, the marketing team behind different beer brands usually opt for a funny commercial. (Just think about the famous Heineken or Budlight) Hungarian beer brand Borsodi created a bunch of amusing commercials. Do not worry; you will not need to know the Hungarian language in order to understand them, I promise. There were so many good ones that decided to include them all.


Who thought that an ad for insurance can be funny. This is a really old casco ad. Casco is a type of vehicle insurance that also reimburses the customer for damages suffered from his/her own failure, contrary to compulsory liability insurance. Another great thing about this ad is that it features a Trabant!

In the second one, you will need a minimal understanding of Hungarian so here is the translation:

Lady: “Isn’t it time for you to get casco insurance?”

Man: “No.”

Car crashes.

Man: “Come back, I want casco insurance, I want casco insurance, I want casco insurance.”


Technically, Chokito is not a Hungarian brand. It was a chocolate bar distributed by Nestle in the ’90s, but Hungarians loved it! And we loved its commercials even more! The whole idea behind the Chokito ads was the “do not judge a book by its cover” concept. In Hungary, Chokito’s slogan was:

“It is ugly, but it tastes good!”

Hungarians have been missing the ugly but delicious Chokito ever since it went out of production.

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