If we say Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Netflix and Titanic, we would assume that there is nothing in common between them.  However, all of these have played a key role in Digic Picture’s history, as reported by forbes.hu.

Alex Rabb, a young entrepreneur from the ’90s, made himself into a reputable filmmaker over the course of his 25-year-long career in America. With the knowledge gained in the New World, he teamed up with Any Vajna to establish an animation studio in Hungary.

Digic is a multi-billion company that is headquartered in Budapest. There are few studios in the world that produce so many 3D animated films of such high quality.

Digic primarily creates trailers, teasers and story-line animations for video games. However, they recently agreed with Netflix to produce an episode of Love, Death and Robots, an animated anthology series.

Even though the company is enjoying success on the global stage, Any Vajna’s death earlier this year meant he never had the opportunity to see the finished product. Nonetheless, he witnessed Digic entering the computer-animation industry.

The company does not want to dwell on its success; Rabb stressed that complacency could lead to Digic’s downfall, risking it being outcompeted by other studios. The firm is planning to create a full animation film in addition to establishing a new studio.

Interested in what kind of animations they make? Check out the following link:

While not necessarily at the centre stage, Hungarian companies are increasingly involved with the global film industry. Last month, we reported that Game of Thrones worked with CraftUnqiue’s 3D printers to create objects and life-size figures for the show’s Hungarian premiere.

We also communicated that The Avengers: Endgame topped the Hungarian box office charts.

Featured image: https://www.facebook.com/DigicPictures/

Source: forbes.hu, digicpictures.com

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