According to Origo, two Hungarian films were selected to be on the program of Slamdance Film Festival starting on the 20th January. György Mór Kárpáti’ short film Gólyatábor (Student Union) and Nadja Andrasev’s animated short film A nyalintás nesze (The Noise of Licking) will be screened in the neighbourhood of Sundance. The trendy events will take place at the same time as the Sundance Festival.

Kárpáti’s work was inspired by a university’s freshman camp case which got large media attention 2 years ago, but the nine-minutes-long film focuses on the aftermath rather than the rape itself. The molested 18-year-old student is played by Katica Nagy, the Student Union president, who tries to convince the girl to not report the case, is played by Krisztián Rózsa.

Student Union debuted at Friss Hús Festival Budapest this March, and Origo really liked it, writing that “the tension is so high that we cannot wait for the development of the plot, and it does not lose impulse until the end.”

The director – whose earlier short films Erdő (Forest) and Provincia (Province) have been screened at several international film festivals – is working on the developments of his first feature film at the moment. The film will be recorded with the support of the Inkubátor Program, in 2017.

The other Hungarian film screened at Slamdance, The Noise of Licking has already appeared on many prestigious film festivals, for example, it competed in the Cinéfondation program of the Cannes Film Festival, and took the third place with the reward of EUR 7,500.

“It enchants on a deep level, but still does not let the viewer to be led only by the heart” – said a critic about Nadja Andrasev’s film.

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