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Dezső H. was the first co-defendant in the brutal murdering of Lajos Szögi (44) in 2006. The Biology teacher was driving through Olaszliszka, a small village in Northeastern-Hungary, when a young Roma girl, Kitty H., ran right in front of his car. Mr Szögi stopped immediately to help, but even though nothing really happened to the girl, her extended family surrounded and beat him to death before the eyes of his two little daughters.

One of the most bestial murders in Hungarian criminalistics

Now, based on a court decision, one of his murderers will get 5 million forints because he was badly treated in prison – reported. Furthermore, even though Dezső H. should be released only in 2023, he will be able to leave jail next July because of good behaviour. He is held now in the Csillag Prison in Szeged together with his father who received a life sentence in 2009 because of lynching the teacher.

In fact,

eight people were convicted in 2009. 

Three of them received life sentences including the father of Kitty H. while another three people were given 15-15-17 years in prison. Among these people was Dezső H., the elder brother of Kitty H. and the first co-defendant of the case, who is now getting out from prison because of good conduct. Finally, two people got 10-10 years in a juvenile detention centre. Moreover, in 2011, the court obliged the defendants to pay 46 million HUF with interest to the Szögi family. However, at the time of the decision, no assets remained on their name. Thus, so far, they paid nothing to the family in spite of the clear decision of the court made seven years ago.

The memorial of Lajos Szögi in Olaszliszka.

The Government does not want to help the victims

In fact, Jobbik submitted a bill in 2011 proposing that compensation of the victims should precede settling legal expenses. Gábor Staudt, MP of the party, said that

the state should take a larger responsibility “in cases when it is unable to protect citizens”. 

Staudt insisted then that, in most cases, victims will not even receive the compensation established by a court because the money cannot be collected from perpetrators or it will not cover the legal costs. However, the government rejected it even before it could be discussed in the parliament. reached Lajos Szögi Sr, the father of the murdered teacher who said regarding the recent decision of the court in favour of Dezső H. that they received nothing from the compensation yet. “We can do nothing but wait with patience. 

Maybe our great-great-grandchildren will get the money.”

– he sighed in the phone.

The Hungarian teacher was kicked and punched at least 140 times, most of these were targeted on his head and neck. The lynching of Olaszliszka was one of the most bestial murders that had happened in Hungary and became a symbol of Roma aggression against the Hungarian majority.


Source:, Daily News Hungary

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