Hungarian Wanderer Gecse Balázs

Balázs Gecse, a young Hungarian, who has decided to roam and explore the world alongside his animals, has departed due to a careless driver running him over without slowing down.

The case had happened in September when he was wandering in France. Balázs was walking on the road when a driver has hit him with his car. The Hungarian wanderer succumbed to his injuries and passed away after the accident – Szeretlekmagyarorszá recounted the incident.

The driver was defending himself by reasoning that he could not see the 32-year-old man walking by his cart (kocsi), because the sun has blinded him. The vehicle was moving at a very high speed and run over Balázs without decelerating. Due to the serious injuries, the young man has died shortly after the collision.

The clinical examination, however, revealed that the 23-year-old driver was not only drunk, but, before getting behind the wheel, he consumed cocaine and marihuana as well.

The young Hungarian wanderer has been roaming the world since 2004. He was using a Hungarian ‘kocsi’ or cart, which he made himself, to travel around, and his various animals accompanied him. After exploring in Hungary, he set out on his journey to explore Europe. Unfortunately, he never got to finish his adventure.

After the tragic incident, his ashes and ‘kocsi’ have been delivered back home to Hungary. In order to cover the cost of shipping the animals back, a fundraising project was organised.

Balázs Gecse – according to his wishes – was mourned by his close friends and family.

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These are some pictures from the mourning ceremony of Balázs Gecse:


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