Snopy is a mobile app that deducts money after hitting the snooze button.

Have you ever felt that you are unable to get out of bed, and you kept hitting the snooze button when the alarm went off? Two Hungarian developers, Csaba Tóth and Balázs Némethi, came up with a surprising solution to this problem.

Snopy is an alarm app downloadable to smartphones, but there is a twist: you have to pay, when using the snooze function. In other words, not getting up immediately and dozing for a few minutes comes at a price.

The idea is based on the two most important things for modern people: time and money. Contrasting these must be an effective method even for those who maniacally falls back to sleep. This might seem to be an extreme solution, but the app is popular: more than 300 people have downloaded it. got in touch with Balázs Némethi, who said that they got the inspiration from a 9gag post, showing a similar, but a non-existent idea. They immediately liked it, and after finding out that no one has materialized it, they decided that they would make it.

In practice, the app works as follows: as Apple’s policy does not allow direct payment, you have to prepay your balance in a credit system. four packages are offered, from $2 up to $50.
A snooze reduces the balance by about half a dollar. Currently it is fixed, but the flexible adjustability is planned, so that everyone can decide how important it is to get up in time.
The amount received (after the deduction of Apple’s commission) is devoted to further development. The idea of charity was rejected because it would be a loophole for idlers. Helping someone else with sleeping would offend the true aim of the app, that is, to motivate to get up in time.

Snopy is still only available for iPhones, the Android version is promised to be released in February. It can be downloaded free of charge. Morover, you can also help advertising: like the image depicting Snopy on 9gag, thus, helping the post to appear on the main page.

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