Femina.hu collected the 10 most beautiful Hungarian arboreta.

Zirc Arboretum

The 20-acre arboretum has a worldwide listed tree collection, as well as the country’s highest arboretum. The garden, which is guarded by the Cuha creek, received beside our country’s trees and plants received woody and herbaceous wonders from the five continents of Earth.

vacratot arborétum
Vacratot Arboretum

Vacratot Arboretum           

In the Veresegyhaz Basin, Vacratot Arboretum is one of Hungary’s largest botanical gardens, where you can view the richest collection of live plants. The center of the arboretum is the castle park which enhances the unique atmosphere, femina.hu says.

Godollo Arboretum

Located near the capital, the arboretum was founded by the Godollo Forestry in 1902 with the aim to adapt not-native conifers, enriching the region’s flora. Today the garden is 347 acre-large and hosts more than 800 types of trees and shrubs.

Jel Arboretum


Jel Arboretum

Considered as the jewel of Vas County, the 107 hectares Jeli Arboretum was begun to create by Count Istvan Ambrozy-Migazzi in 1922. In addition to typical trees of China, Japan, America, the Caucasus and the Balkans, the arboretum’s specialty lies in the rhododendrons whose colorful, honey-scented flowers almost completely cover the garden in May and June.


Agostyan Arboretum

In the arboretum which was created in 1955, there are 293 kinds of woody plants today, as well as hosts forest of various pines, uniquely in the country. The climate is also pleasant in the summer, and a cozy garden pond and resting places are waiting for the visitors.

Alcsut Arboretum

Erdotelek Arboretum

The arboretum lies in the Southern part of Fejer County. There are nearly 540 well-known and several rare and very valuable plants. You can take pleasure in the colorful, fragrant wildflowers, and you can also see the cedar of Lebanon planted in 1830, femina.hu says.

Erdotelek Arboretum

The botanical garden in Heves County gained national reputation even in the 1930’s. In the forest, you can see several older green trees which enhance the atmosphere of the 18th-century castle. In the spring, you can feel the jasmine and orange-scented flowers too.

Szarvas Arboretum

Buda Arboretum

In the vast arboretum in Szarvas, Bekes County, in addition to the more than a thousand plant species, animals also make colorful the environment. Do not be surprised, if you are walking among the trees, hedgehogs, foxes and deers cross your path.

Buda Arboretum

The garden of the Buda campus of the Corvinus University Budapest was declared a nature reserve in 1975. In the arboretum, which is also rich in Mediterranean and subtropical plants, there are more than 1400 species of plants, hundreds of bulbous flower types and 250 types of ornamental plants, femina.hu says.

Pakozd-Sukoro Arboretum

In the area of the arboretum, there are more than 250 types of trees and shrubs and beautiful forest environment. The land museum of the garden is not to be missed, and you can take pleasure in the view offered by the Lake Velence from the lookout.

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