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There is no need to introduce the Hungarian beauties of our age, says, since they appear on social media platforms and television quite often. But there are many Hungarian beauties whose names are rarely heard nowadays, although we can still be proud of them.

19th century

Lujza Blaha (1850-1926)

She was one of those who became legends during their lives. The “nightingale of the nation” was born in 1850. Growing up among actors, her fantastic voice and dramatic talent came to light at an early age. One of the famous squares of Budapest bears her name.

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Róza Déryné Széppataki (1793-1870)

Déryné Bistro of Budapest and many locals in Miskolc are named after the famous actress, singer, and translator, Róza. She was the first acknowledged (and recorded) Hungarian female opera singer. She was an important person in the world of Hungarian theatre and opera as well. Moreover, she translated 12 German plays into Hungarian.

Mari Jászai (1850-1926)

Not only one of the squares of Budapest immortalised her name,

one of the craters of the planet Venus is named after her.

Not to mention the Jászai Mari Award, given to the best actors of the nation. She had more than 300 roles as the most important figure of the Hungarian theatre, and she also translated some plays to Hungarian.

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20th century

Ilona Hajmássy (1910-1974)

The theatre and movie director and radio performer was known as Ilona Massey overseas, but she was from Budapest. She was often referred to as the “new [Marlene] Dietrich”. She appeared in many famous movies, one she had a role with Lon Chaney Jr. In 1943 she played in the Broadway musical Ziegfeld Follies.

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Katalin Karády (1910-1990)

Generations admired the singer and actress Katalin karády for her matchless voice and magical appearance. Her first movie, Deadly Spring was one of the biggest successes of 1939. Afterwards, she became the country’s sex symbol. After her death

she received the honorific Righteous Among the Nations, because she saved the lives of numerous Hungarian Jews during WWII.

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 Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000)

Her mother was a piano artist from Budapest, who came from an aristocratic Jewish family. Her first serious contract was signed in 1938 with MGM. Her first movie, Algiers became a great success the same year. She played in movies with such famous actors as Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy. She was an inventor, too: she invented a pill which dissolved in water, making it fizzy and a torpedo navigation system which was safer than those of the age, and which was presented by Disney Channel.

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