When summer arrives everybody wants to find some outdoor parks or restaurants to go out and enjoy the heat and the beautiful environment. In the first part of my article I have already introduced some enjoyable and hidden gardens as well as outdoor coffee shops. This time I’d like to show those outdoor venues which are recommended by the index.hu website to visit both alone or with friends.



The place is located in the heart of the city center, in the Erzsébet square. As its name suggests the place waits guests with several wines and Hungarian “fröccs” from the beginning of May. The outdoor garden has a typical pub-like atmosphere with lanterns and live music. The place offers several wines, beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic lemonades for drink to sit in the branches under the trees. For this season, the place was refurbished and became a two-storey place. Fröccsterasz on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/froccsterasz

Vintage garden


In the 21, Dob street in Budapest a lovely and girlish outdoor restaurant is waiting its guests. The restaurant has a romantic country style, thus all women guests would fall in love with this place. The garden of the restaurant has the same style and design as the indoor building. However, this is not the cheapest restaurant, but the quality of food, the atmosphere and the service are excellent, so it is worth entering and eating here at least once. Vintage garden on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vintagegardenbudapest



The place was opened in Margaret Island last year and tries to be a magical venue of the island. WNDRLND looks like a miniature wonderland – as its name suggests- which has became everybody’s favorite summer outdoor place. Renewed products, lemonades, craft beers and tasty meals are offered every day and the carousel and theme park atmosphere make the place more like a fairytale. The place is open from 2pm on weekdays and from 12am at the weekends. WNDRLND on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wndrlnd.bp

Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró


Fellini is the island of tranquility and peace at the bank Római. The place is a calm beach: there are deck chairs along the pebbly Danube bank. Since it is a bistro, lemonades, syrups, craft beers and delicious food are offered that can be eaten sitting in the deck chairs. Interestingly, there is an ice-cream stand from this summer. Moreover, cycling here seems to be a great idea because there’s a special bike stuff who can check your bicycle while you’re tasting the ice-cream. Fellini on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fellini-R%C3%B3mai-Kult%C3%BArbisztr%C3%B3/128366210534992



Last but not least, there is a small and cute coffee shop at the corners of Kazinczy and King Streets. Although the shop itself is not too big, its garden and the outside part of the building is enormous. The outdoor place is open both in winter and summer, so it’s a great opportunity to go out for a drink alone or in a group whenever you feel so. Moreover, Bobek is famous for its delicious and special foods: among others guests could choose from 13 different types of sauces which are served with cold or warm starters. Visiting Bobek is like sitting in our garden at home chatting with our friends and eating some snacks. In Bobek the old saying may not be valid: there’s no place like home… Bobek on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bobek-Cafe/156667774841

based on article of kultography.hu
translated by Valentina Leanyfalvi 

Photo: Facebook

Source: http://kultography.blog.hu/

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