Many were curious about how the 180 degree turned theatre and the new stage looks like. Whole families came to see it first, and despite the hot sunny day more than a thousand people were watching Szeged Dance groups show.

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Ákos Miklós, host of Radio88 and Barbara Fábián, the open-airs press reference showed the brand new almost 1000 square meter stage, in which was used 18.000 meters of metal pipe, and 130 tons of structural elements. It has not been finished yet, so until the end of the show, some parts have been covered. This is the biggest stage in Hungary.

I expected a lot worse, maybe this way it will be better in the end. – said one of the auditorium supervisor who works there for decades by now. She, just like the audience just met the new line up.It has revealed that against the original plans, the orchestra will not be up in the terrace of the building. It will be in front of the 1.7 meters high stage, in the orchestra pit, a 5 meters wide lane.

The two sides of the stage is just being built and that part will be hidden from the crowd, because different items will be stored there, and it will give a chance of changing the dresses quickly. The new dressing system for the artists is still being built in the BélaRerrich field. The huge metal structure will surround the statue of Dragon Slayer St. George, so it disappears from the visitors until the end of the festival. But because of the 180 degree turn of the stage, the tourist can go around the Dome all summer long. The sharp disputes may calm down, because more professionals are saying that turning the stage was a good idea, because of acoustic, logistic, and technical reasons.

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