The popularity of the e-commerce industry has grown immeasurably in recent times. It’s no surprise, then, that hoards of entrepreneurs still continue to embrace it as a genuine money-making scheme.

For all of the good this specific field of retail does for business owners, however, it does still come with its share of downsides. To see a number of both the pros and cons attached to starting an e-commerce business, make sure to read on.


Dropshipping means you don’t even need to handle your goods

If you embrace the import and shipping technique known as dropshipping, then you won’t even have to handle or store the goods that you sell — if that’s not a pro, then what is?

To give dropshipping ago, you, first, have to get in tight with a partner company that facilities it. Oberlo is one such company that you can turn to — when you check out what to sell with the Oberlo app, you’ll realise just how much choice there is for you to consider with that particular company. You could choose to sell anything, from car parts to cell phones. 

You don’t need a lot of funds to get this venture started

If you’ve got a great idea for an e-commerce store but your financial worries are holding you back from giving it a go, then, fear not, as such a venture doesn’t demand a lot of upfront capital. You can start an online store on the cheap. Buying a website domain and obtaining hosting and building your eCommerce website doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and the previously mentioned technique of dropshipping means you can always access an extensive and affordable inventory of goods.


It’s an around-the-clock job

As an e-commerce business owner, you could find yourself on the job at all times of the day, on all days of the year. This is because, quite simply, the Internet never turns off and, as a result, there will always be customers from all over the world seeking to buy from you. This means that you could find yourself being awoken in the night in order to make a sale, and your vacation time could be eaten into too.

There are hordes of fierce competition out there

The Internet is a big place, and each corner of it is filled with a host of e-commerce businesses. As a result of this, no matter where your store is based or what its niche is, there is always going to be fierce competition out there for you to contend with. This makes your task of garnering custom ten times harder. 

Technical issues are always likely to be rife

Nothing that is Internet-based runs smoothly at all times, which means your online store will probably hit a few technical snags at some point. These issues may not be your fault, and you may fix them quickly, but if a customer can’t access your site without disturbance, they’ll leave you for your competitors without a second thought. Ultimately, this means you will lose out on profit.

If you’re considering starting an e-commerce store, then make sure to take both the pros and cons of doing so listed above into account.

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