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There is a lot going on in the world right now. It is honestly quite depressing how badly things are going. I mean, we are not even allowed outside our homes. But the situation is not all that bad as proven by a bunch of cool things happening around the world.

The one thing that has benefited the most from this quarantine situation is the environment. I mean, sure, the climate is having a bit of a moment with the constant snow and sun thing – seriously, what is up with that? But that does not mean that the overall situation is not improving.

The global carbon emissions have fallen; something that has not happened in a while. Venice’s Grand Canal, normally fouled by boat traffic, is running clear. Coronavirus has led to an astonishing shutdown of economic activity and a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

The pandemic, to be clear, is still a tragedy, and I do not want to take away from the suffering of the tons of people all over the world that are quarantined in hospitals or the people that could not make it through, but I am just trying to portray hope in these dark times.

Our response to this health crisis will shape the climate crisis for decades to come. The efforts to revive economic activity — the stimulus plans, bailouts and back-to-work programs being developed now — will help determine the shape of our economies and our lives for the foreseeable future, and they will have effects on carbon emissions that reverberate across the planet for thousands of years. You can read up on climate change, the global economy, and the recession here in this The New York Times article.

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However, the climate is not the only thing right now that seems to be doing well. The pandemic has brought out the humane side of people. In an earlier article, we talked about how the people have started delivering pizza for free in Budapest, and how people are helping senior citizens who are at the highest risk in whatever way possible.

In fact, a clown (a real clown) actually held a Zumba class for senior citizens in lockdown. He went down to a nursing home, stood on the lawn, and urged people to join the class with him. Moreover, Dolly Parton has started reading bedtime stories on Youtube (this one is a little absurd, but you do you fam). On the topic of celebrities, a lot of them are currently donating to charities as well as individually to people in need. Kristen Bell, who was Anna in Frozen, let her tenants live in their apartments for free. Taylor Swift is giving away a lot of money to people on Twitter.

But the best part about the whole social distancing idea is the pets whom I am sure have made many cameos in your Skype and Zoom calls and impressed all of your colleagues. However, can you believe their absolute joy to have their humans home? I mean, I could not possibly. I think they might be the true winners of this whole thing. I do not know about you, but I am okay with that. For now.

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