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The success of one of the Hungarian “Noses”

The success of one of the Hungarian “Noses”

We do not have many perfumers, and it is even rarer that a Nose is corroborated by the capital city of the scents with international success on the market. Viktória Minya built up her store in Paris with hard work, and she does not rest on her laurels; she never stops working and always searches for the ways of innovation. She puts her new travel-sized gift pack on the market this week. Üzletré made an interview with her on the occasion.

How do you start your day?

I push the snooze button on my phone several times, then, I swear myself to go to bed earlier from now on.

Were did you get your knowledge before you became famous?

From the job itself. I believe that a master has to faile much more time than a beginner even tries. The road to the world success of Hedonist was through thousands of messed up scent compositions.

What did you learn from the worst boss of your life?

Since I am my own boss I became aware of how this boss was not that bad!

What inspires you?

Lately: everything. Like nature, nice lightings, a show-piece, a meaningful conversation caught on the subway, others’ creativity – everything, in short.

Have you ever had a journey that changed you?

I was invited to Shanghai to the annual International Perfume Exhibition last year. I was giving autographs, like a Hollywood star while being watched by a guard, then I was cycling along a rice field in the provinces of China the next day. I prefer being close to nature, and I like to explore different cultures in an authentic environment.


What was the best professional advice you got?

Broadly, the best advice of my life was to not compare myself to others.

And the worst?

To not get lost in the details, because it is not worth the energy to spend time with working out all the details perfectly. Actually, (as the Hungarian saying goes) “the devil hides in the details” – especially in my profession.

Do you have an app on your phone, which makes you feel that your day was effective, when you use it in the evening?

No, and I didn’t even known that I could wish for anything like that – where can I download it?

What do you do to create a balance between work and private life?

Sometimes, I indulge myself to not work on Fridays.

How do you resolve if you block in any creative exercise?

With procrastination.

How did you imagine your first company million and how did it feel like?

My first million was not as determinant as the process of the first perfume: I actively took part in its production until the last moments. When I held the bottle in my hands I think I grew a few centimetres because of the pride I felt.

Who is your favourite out of the ones who started in a garage and are known by the whole world now?

Bill Gates, who spends a significant part of his money on charitable purposes.

What are you reading now?

Oliver Burkeman: The Antidote.

What will be the main development in the next five years?

By that time, I hope, I can skip Thursdays, too.


Photo: Parfums Viktoria Minya

Copy editor: bm

Source: Üzletré

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