Although the trend of adults-only and adult-friendly hotels are not popular in the country, some can still be found at certain points in Hungary. The aim of this trend is to open hotels that provide those without children with a relaxing experience as, let’s be honest, sometimes children can easily ruin our mood by crying our being loud when we are trying to relax on our vacation or romantic weekend.

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These are the top 10 adults-only hotels in Hungary, collected by Magyarországom.

Relax Hotel Hévíz

This hotel is ideal for romantic weekends and relaxation surrounded by Hungary’s unique thermal lake called Hévíz. The hotel only allows guests above 14 years old and has many facilities, such as massages and thermal water baths. From the hotel, the lovely Badacsony region – famous for its unique wine selection – and Lake Balaton are only a few minutes’ walk away.

Relax Hotel Hévíz, Hungary, hotel

Bükkös Hotel & Spa Szentendre

Szentendre is located 7 km north of the capital. The hotel offers an excellent wellness section, and with its old-town location, some lovely walks and exciting programs are within your reach if you would like to go out of your room for a few hours. Only guests above 13 years old can enter.

Bükkös Hotel, Hungary, hotel

Imola Hotel Platán Eger

This hotel was the first in Hungary which stated that guests under 16 years old cannot stay at the hotel. With this step, it became the first adults-only hotel in the country. The aim of the hotel was to raise the importance of providing adults and elderly people with a quiet and relaxing environment.

Imola Hotel Platán, Hungary, hotel

Erla Villa Boutique Hotel Eger

Eger has another adults-only hotel located in downtown. The building combines the architectural styles of Baroque, luxury, classic, and modern elements as well. Because of its downtown location, the Castle of Eger and other sights like Dobó Square are only a few minutes away from the entrance. Under-14-year-old guests are not allowed to stay.

Erla Villa, Hungary, hotel

Duna Relax & Event Hotel Ráckeve

This hotel only allows guests older than 12 years old to stay. Ráckeve is located on Csepel Island to the south of the capital. The building is surrounded by a lovely English garden, and its wellness section follows the style of the ancient Romans.

Duna Relax, Hungary, hotel

Green Cottage Guesthouse Püspökladány

This accommodation is truly a countryside building located next to Hungary’s first national park: Hortobágy. Only guests above 12 years old can stay. The building has a greenhouse to allow guests to experience nature during the winter season.

Green Cottage, Hungary, hotel

Páskom Guesthouse Lajoskomárom

This accommodation is located a one-hour drive away from the capital, next to a 50-hectare grape field. The hotel also has a park with trails, a sauna, and a pond. Guests under 14 years old are not allowed to stay.

Páskom Cottage, Hungary, hotel

Aura Hotel Balatonfüred

Available for guests above 12 years old, the hotel welcomes everyone on the shore of Lake Balaton, providing an excellent relaxation experience.

Aura Hotel, Hungary, hotel

Best Vendégház Velence

If you would like to relax next to a Hungarian lake, Velence is also an option. The hotel allows only 16-year-old and above guests and provides a truly romantic and refreshing experience for everyone.

Best Vendégház, Hungary, hotel

Kolostor Hotel Sopron

This five-star hotel is located in the suburbs of Sopron, inside a more than hundred-year-old monastery building. The hotel allows guests 13 years and above.

Kolostor Hotel, Hungary, hotel
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