A blanket statement from any doctor, that coffee is bad for you should be a sure sign that this doctor isn’t familiar with the latest statistics and research when it comes to the benefits of coffee.

When doctors tell you to not drink coffee

Organo Gold knows better, and several research studies have been done that conclude, without question, that coffee has many health benefits. Their coffee has a special ingredient, Ganoderma Lucidem. You may have heard of this before because it is also known as Reishi mushrooms.

So, go ahead and fill your coffee cup while you read about the health benefits of drinking coffee made with Reishi mushrooms.

Five benefits of consuming coffee daily

Cardiovascular/Heart health – Reishi mushrooms were discovered to lower the amount of oxygen that the heart needs to function. Chinese scientists learned that the mushrooms could also help to promote better blood flow.

Further research has also proven that the mushrooms can also help to lower cholesterol numbers, regulate better blood sugar numbers, and even work to lower overall blood pressure.

Supports the Immune System – Reishi mushrooms can help the immune system which makes a fantastic addition to the diet of any person with a chronic condition that stresses their immune system, or simply to boost the immunity of anyone. These mushrooms have proven to boost the anti-oxidants in the body so well that they have fought off developing tumor cells. This is alignment with other studies that have proven that antioxidants are killers of free radicals that cause cancer. Many research studies conclude that antioxidants have successfully shrunk and eradicated tumor cells in rats and mice.

Cancer Prevention – This is a bit of a cross-over with immunity. Several research studies exist that show cancer cells shrinking. Also, the Reishi mushroom has been shown to help slow the spread of cancer by slowing and even sometimes completely stopping the growth of tumor cells. Antioxidants flow through the body and find free-radicals that are the cause of cancer and other diseases.

Weight-loss – Ganoderma Lucidem, Organo Gold’s secret ingredient, oxygenates the blood stream, as mentioned under heart health. This process of adding oxygen also increases the metabolic rate within the body. In the simplest of terms, this speeds your internal engine-up. Your body goes into a higher gear, burning calories faster. This enables many people to lose a little weight while they enjoy the added immunity benefits.

Anti-inflammatory – Known for its medicinal properties by Chinese and Japanese cultures, the Reishi mushrooms are known to have benefit as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis pain, muscle spasms, injuries, and more.

In China, the Reishi mushroom is referred to as ‘Ling Zhi’ and has been used for 2000 years. It has earned the nickname, “The Mushroom of Immortality” because of the many benefits to the body.

Organo Gold has incorporated this mushroom into the making of their coffee so that you can enjoy the many benefits, while enjoy the experience of your morning coffee. Only the finest ingredients go into every cup and additional benefits of Organo Gold black coffee include but are not limited to:

More Energy

Increased brain function

Relieving congestion

Eliminating toxins from the body

Reducing free radicals (coffee also does this)

Reduces signs of age

Improves sex life

Try adding some coffee to your morning routine that includes Ganoderma Lucidem and enjoy the many benefits. You will be pleasantly surprised at the flavor and enthusiastic about how great you feel. You’ll notice fewer colds and enjoy the many benefits of both coffee and The Mushroom of Immortality.


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