Hungarian wonder horse

Caccho Blue II, a Hungarian horse, travelled as far as America with the competitor Szabolcs Krucsó to show an outstanding performance at the showjumping world competition, as reports.

So, besides the world-famous Hungarian horses: Overdose, who was called the Hungarian miracle racehorse and Kincsem, who is easy to remember thanks to its own film, another wonder-horse, Caccho Blue II emerges.

The FEI World Equestrian Games kicks of next week, and the Hungarian competitor Szabolcs Krucsó has already arrived with his horse, Caccho Blue II at Tyron, where the contests take place. The horse successfully survived the 7-hour-flight healthy and in a good condition, although lost some weight.

Krucsó told the online magazine that there is no need to worry about Caccho Blue II’s health as the horse will quickly be in its original state again, thanks to its favourite food, bananas.

“Making it to the final twenty would be a great achievement for us.” – told Krucsó.

Besides the great qualities it has, the horse has another special feature compared to other showjumper animals: since its second birthday, it has gone half-blind. It is not certain how it happened, but it was most probably caused by another horse or an accident.

Hungarian wonder horse


Unfortunately, no surgery can help Caccho Blue II, the half-blind horse, whose left eye will stay yellow forever, in contrast to its beautiful blue eye on the right side.

According to Krucsó, the fact that the horse is blind to his left side does not give him a disadvantage at competitions. It is always the riders’ responsibility to control the horses, because the horse is the most obedient and benevolent animal, as he says.

Hungarian wonder horse

It has been three years that Krucsó and Caccho Blue II, the best Hungarian chestnut horse are training and competing together. They have already succeeded at world-competitions and championships winning a silver medal. However, as Krucsó tells, participation at the 2020 Olympics would not be realistic to expect as Hungary is in lack of such wonderful horses as Caccho Blue II. Hungarians are usually outstanding riders, which is also proved by our success in international competitions, such as the Horseback Archery World Cup or the ‘Salon du Cheval’ horse show in Morocco.

“I am now worried of the possibility that he may be sold to another owner and the new owner might not let the horse ride with me.” – said the dismayed Krucsó.

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