The ‘Salon du Cheval’ international horse race and show was organised in the beautiful city of El Jadida, Morocco. More than a thousand equestrians of 30 countries performed at the monumental event. The programmes were opened by the younger brother of the Moroccan king. writes that the special guest of the event was Portugal. Almost a hundred mounted policemen showed their riding skills in their show. Also, they were the ones taking care of the VIP guest’s safety.

The event lasted for seven days. There were dozens of brilliant performances each day watched by 35 thousand people in the audience already on the first day. The best Hungarian riders performed every day. They came from Hajdúszoboszló and Kecskemét. They were dressed up as scamps, had a quill on their hats and brought 9 horses with themselves. They even brought a present, a foal.

One of the main organisers of the Hungarian participation, Sándor Balogh, the president of the African-Hungarian Union said that people in Morocco love and respect Hungarian riders. “We are really proud to have a Hungarian team participate again at this prestigious event. This is the result of one and a half years’ work. The last time we had Hungarian riders here was in 2009. We brought a beautiful foal for the royal stud-farm. He is a 7 months old thoroughbred horse called Babér. Being part of this success is a great honour for me as well because I am an equestrian myself.”

The Hungarian performance was always one of the main programmes. Our scamps prepared a special show with folk-music. The ‘Pusztaötös’ was the biggest success where Gábor Nagy stands on the back of two horses alone and leads five black thoroughbred horses, many times galloping. The audience was amazed by this extraordinary show.

The Agricultural Minister of Morocco said that equestrians are part of their culture. He emphasizes that they were especially curious about the Hungarian performance. “Hungarian scamps and riders are world-famous. I was very curious about their show and I want to congratulate them. It was fantastic and I am thankful that they accepted our invitation.”

We also had an exhibitory stand where people could get to know the Hungarian equestrian culture and watch some films about it.

Translated by Alexandra Béni

Photo: Csaba  Kollár –

Source: Hungarian success at the ‘Salon du Cheval’ horse show in Morocco

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