The World Hot Sauce Awards is an international competition where competitors from all over the world bring their finest chillis and hot sauces to get the dreamy world champion title. This year the title was given to a Hungarian chilli manufacturer and the Hungarian team was also awarded two silver medals at the competition.

Magyar Konyha reported that Gabko Chili, located in Nagymaros (Pest County), is the absolute winner of the World Hot Sauce Awards. The creator of the hot sauce Gábor Nagy explained all the details about his creation.

This sauce is called Ale Mango Habanero and is made by a combination of beer and mango. The sauce not only won the category of fruity sauces but all in all the whole championship. To sum up, this Hungarian hot sauce is currently the best in the world.

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Another success for the Hungarian team is a silver medal in the category of X-hot with the sauce Szati chili and another medal with the Nyúli Tüzes chili in the category of Ultra hot chilli sauces.

“I won with a sauce which is my personal favourite. I took part with it at several competitions but without any results and awards. I was afraid to compete again, but I wanted to bring sauces to the World Hot Sauce Awards which have not been presented yet. To my surprise and happiness, Ale Mango Habanero won the championship. This means that every competition and jury is different. You cannot win everywhere, but somewhere your creation still may become a sensation.” – reported Gábor Nagy.

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Origo reported that Gabko Chili was set up in 2012 and had been working on different kind of sauces since then. Gábor Nagy has ten different chilli types in his garden; some of them are endangered and rare species.

His field covers only 400 square metres but is big enough to have the necessary amount of crops every year.

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The Hungarian chilli maker also shared the recipe of the yellow chilli sauce made from three types of yellow chilis. First, he cuts up the chillis, and the scent of them can be smelled immediately. For this type of sauce, the seeds are not needed. Every chilli gets 10% of vinegar which is enough and does not take the taste of them away. He adds some salt to it, and no other spices are needed for the sauce. After this, he mixes the chillis in a kitchen machine, and when it is ready, the first tears appear in the eyes. This is the only procedure done by a machine. The next step is to fill the sauce into little bottles and hang the Gabko Chili logo on them.

As he usually says, these bottles contain ghosts and warn everyone who does not like hot sauces not to open them.

Gabko Chili, Hungary, hot sauce, winner, championship


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