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47 Ronin

In the last few years, a lot of movies were shot in Budapest, in part because of the 25% tax rebate. Another thing that brings Hollywood to Budapest is that our beloved city can play many different places like Paris or Moscow, plus we have well-equipped studios and experienced professionals. In the last 15 years, dozens of Hollywood movies were shot in Budapest. 


For the reasons I mentioned above, Hungary has become one of the go-to places for filmmaking, and we are not surprised to see well-known actors on the streets of Budapest. The time has come when we can admit that we do not have to be glad for every single movie ever shot in our capital city because some films are so bad that even our beautiful Budapest cannot help it. 

Let us see some of the worst movies ever shot in Budapest, according to zoom.hu.


The Terminal is Vaughn Stein’s first solo film that features actors like Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher and Mike Myer, but somehow it still did not turn out good. They are working with some cool neon pictures, the movie has a certain atmosphere, but it is more of a collection of interesting gif materials than a real movie. The story is about two killers who want to murder each other. It could be a nice game to try to recognize Budapest in all this mess. 

The Land of Blood and Honey

Angelina Jolie chose Budapest for the first movie she wrote and directed herself. She was living in Budapest at the time with her whole family, her children went to school here, and there was always something happening that we could talk about. Unfortunately, the circumstances were much more interesting than the movie itself, which is a peculiar cross between a war movie and romantic drama. In this movie, Budapest plays Bosnia. 

Bel Ami

Another example of how many different cities Budapest can play is the Bel Ami movie, where the story is set in Paris. Just one year after Angelina Jolie’s film, another interesting movie was shot in Budapest, based on Guy de Maupassant’s novel Bel Ami. No matter that at the time half the world was madly in love with Robert Pattinson, this movie did not become a success. But we can at least recognise many buildings from Budapest, like the National Museum, or the Lázár street, two iconic places that can be sold as part of Paris without any extra work. 


A Good Day to Die Hard

In the fifth installment of the Die Hard series, Budapest plays Moscow. And this may be the only interesting thing in the entire movie. Without a doubt, this is one of the most well-know movies that were shot in Budapest, but it is also the movie that managed to bring down the whole series. 

47 Ronin

The 47 Ronin is like a Japanese version of our Eclipse of the Crescent Moon (Hu: Egri csillagok, the novel by Géza Gárdonyi) only with demons who turn into dragons. Although it was filmed in the Origo film studio in Rákospalota, the movie somehow did not become spectacular, especially with the CGI fight scenes which were audiovisual trash. To make matters worse, the story, which could have been awesome, became rubbish, the characters were underdeveloped, and the movie was far too long. 


Some movies had great potential, then somehow became dull and infuriating. In this movie, Budapest plays a Moldavian city, where elite soldiers are fighting against some unseen ghost enemies. The movie has some great pictures, awesome effects, but somehow the plot just falls apart. 

Featured image: facebook.com/47ronin

Source: Zoom.hu

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