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On March 6, during the event of the Hungarian Wine Conference, the best fifty Hungarian wineries were announced. 

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Dívány reported that the procedure of electing the fifty best wineries, and after that, the five finalists, is simple. Those wineries that have won before come together and select another fifty considered to be the best in the country. After the fifty selected wineries, there is one vote which will result in the top five.

Another round of voting is the last step to choose the best winery in Hungary. 

Wine Conference, Budapest, Hungary, wine

While choosing the best five wineries, contestants also have the opportunity to taste wines. This event was held on March 7 with the fifty wineries and another ten who have won before, and the five best ones were already announced. 

And who wins the contest? It will turn out on April 24. 

The top fifty wineries include many names from the iconic Tokaj wine region, which was the first officially registered one in the world. Tokaj is also among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. These names are, for example, János Árvay, Károly Áts, István Balassa, Sarolta Bárdos, and Károly Barta. 

Some that come from the Balaton wine region include Dániel Konyári, Tamás Kovács, Zsófia Laposa, László Nagy, and Endre Szászi. Other names were selected from excellent wine regions, for example, Szekszárd, Sopron, Villány, Mátra, Etyek, Eger, and Mór. 

Wine Conference, Hungary, Budapest, wine

In Hungary, you can find intimate family cellars, impressive wineries, breath-taking wine terraces in the middle of vineyards, and cosy estates built of natural stone. It is no wonder that wine is an essential part of Hungarian culture. With excellent taste, quality, and history, it is worth trying out if you spend your time in the country. 

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One can read about the wine region on every Hungarian wine bottle, which also informs customers about the quality, uniqueness, and the characteristics of the taste of the wine. The wine regions of Hungary have 22 different kinds of climate and environmental features to provide the best wines you have ever tasted.



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