From Friday, May 29, new restrictions and measurements will be valid in Budapest, which means, for example, that restaurants and cafés are allowed to welcome guests inside their buildings.

24 reported that restaurants and cafés are allowed to welcome guests inside, too, and not only on their terraces. All the workers and waiters are obligated to wear face masks and keep the 1.5-metre distance from each other. 

Playgrounds will also reopen in the capital, and hotels can open their doors for guests. Similarly to restaurants, hotel workers also need to wear face masks. 

Index reported that sports events will be allowed with viewers in places that have outside areas, for example, open swimming pools, stadiums, outdoor cinemas, theatre stages, and circus tents. 

In the category of events, the following are mentioned: sports events, theatre plays, cinema, outdoor programs organised by museums, and other outdoor programs organised by different institutions. 

Regarding cultural events, all viewers are obligated to keep the distance and to sit only on every fourth chair. Events with music and dancing are still forbidden. 

Featured image: MTI


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