MAV renovated the maintenance base in Istvantelek from HUF 70 million, in order to be able to properly repair the new Swiss-made trains, which will gradually operate on the suburban lines of Budapest. The 42 new Flirt trains were sold from the EUR 220 million EU support, said.

 The one-electric, low-floor suburban and regional electric trains – of which 33 trains have already arrived at the base, when visited the site – will gradually operate on Budapest-Szekesfehervar, Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs, Budapest-Szob, Budapest-Veresegyhaz-Vac, Budapest-Cegled-Szolnok and Budapest-Esztergom railway lines.

However, MAV has already ordered 60 pieces vehicle of the same type, those are maintained in the plant of Stadler in Pusztaszabolcs. The recently-arrived machines equipped with extras new train controlling devices will be maintained by the railway company.

With the 42 new vehicles, nearly two-thirds of the Budapest suburban trains are produced by the Swiss manufacturer. The barrier-free vehicles have 211 seats with a top speed of 160km/h. They also have wireless internet, network connectors for cell phones and laptops and passenger information monitors.

According to, the formerly-bought Stadler trains are maintained in the company’s own premises, the professionals of the company had to be trained.

Some parts of the Istvantelek maintenance base have already been renovated. By 2010, the new, environmentally friendly train wash has been completed. About 900 vehicles are cleaned a month, and they only 54 cubic meters of water., because the water is being cleaned in the self-contained laundry.

The refurbished maintenance facility allows a five-level maintenance, from the bi-weekly current examinations to the K4 annual revision.

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