According to, Hír Tv’s sources from inside unveiled that terrorists, drug dealers, exactors, and pimps received Hungarian documents.

Five-six thousand criminals from the area of the former Soviet Union might have obtained Hungarian citizenship with the assistance of the Hungarian government, as it was stated in Célpont on Hír Tv. According to their source of inside knowledge, in the last few years, terrorists, drug dealers, pimps, and exactors might have obtained Hungarian citizenship and were able to move freely within the European Union.

According to Célpont, in Ukraine, birth certificate extracts could be purchased for 15 thousand Euros, and using these, the criminals were able to ask for new documents from the Ukrainian authorities, with a name suggesting Hungarian ancestry.

Thus they started the process of assuming Hungarian citizenship.

Their fake identity was not revealed, as the Hungarian authorities did not communicate with the Ukrainian authorities during the national security background check.

Between 2011 and 2014 more than 623 thousand applicants asked for simplified naturalisation.

But the authorities carrying out the background checks did not have enough human resource for the proper processing of the requests of the arrivals.

Zsolt Semjén told Hír Tv that the number of misuses was still infinitesimal in the cases of simplified naturalisation.

In a previous article, explained that dual citizenship was introduced in Hungary in 2010 in a rather rushed manner. The simplified procedure required the compliance with two criterions:

the subjects had to speak Hungarian on a basic level and have at least an ancestor of Hungarian origin.

But inhabitants of Kárpátalja were in a difficult situation since Ukraine banned and later even punished dual citizenship. Therefore, many people handed their request in with the help of organisers, for a good deal of money, so that they did not need a visa and did not show up personally at the municipalities.

The organisers paid off the municipalities who, in return, acknowledged the Hungarian language knowledge without further checking.

The news soon spread and people with Hungarian ancestors but without language knowledge applied for the simplified naturalisation. Organiser groups were formed, it turned out to be a profitable business. In the third phase, citizenship was handed to people without any Hungarian ancestors, too.

At least 80% of the applicants with fake ancestry received the Hungarian citizenship.



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