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There are many things that people think of when they consider Canada. America’s neighbour to the North is known for maple syrup, for progressive politics, for having a huge maple leaf on their flag, for hockey and more. It is a country that many people love and it has a great deal to offer people.

There are so many wonderful things about The Great White North that has people visiting in their droves and ensures that the worlds biggest country is becoming one of the most popular places to visit. In fact, according to, it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

There a number of things that link Canada and Hungary, as we recently looked at here at, both Canada and Hungary’s passports are in the top ten most desirable passports in the world. There has been a strong relationship between the countries for a long time and now there is another one.

Casino providers in Canada are now looking to Hungary as a place where they can promote their games and provide people with great services. There are so many excellent sites in Canada, like those listed at, that it can be difficult to work out the best ones to check out first. Canada has a really strong set of rules and innovative companies who keep churning out top quality casino games and providers of those games.

This can mean that when you try and find the best places to play in Canada your head can be left spinning by the options and it can be near impossible to find the best place to pick. We are here to help narrow down the choices and give you the lowdown on which are the best providers. We have selected our three favourites, they are by no means the only options but they are the ones we like the most and play ourselves. Here then are our three best Canadian online casino providers that also work in Hungary.

William Hill

While William Hill is technically a British bookmaker, it has worked hard to gain a foothold in Canada. William Hill has an extensive library of the best games that you can play wherever and whenever you want. William hill is a very grown up casino which only has the best of the best games. It is slick, easy to use and professional making it perfect for people who want a serious and mature online casino to play slots and other games.

It also has a bookmaking section so if you want to combine your love for casino games with your love of sports, you need only one account to bet on the latest sports matches while also playing any of your favourite online casino games. It is the perfect all-rounder.

Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda has one of the best ranges of games of any online casino as well as having a number of different platforms you can play on. If you have an apple or an android phone you can play on the go while its desktop client is also easy to use and full of different machines and tables and always has superb deals and promos throughout the year, even for returning customers, which is something other places lack as they focus only on getting new customers in.

As with William Hill, it also has a sports book though it does place less focus on this and there are not always as many offers for sports betting customers.

Ruby Fortune

A smaller player than the other two on this list but by no means one that should be ignored. It has an excellent range of games with over six hundred and fifty different machines, tables and wheels to try out. The fact it is smaller also means they have excellent and quick customer service as well as short withdrawal times meaning you are always well looked after. It also has a lot of different monthly bonuses to reward long time customers and it has been around since 2003 which is an incredibly long time for an online casino. They have put all their years of knowledge into making the perfect place to play online casino games.

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