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Hungarian passport among the top 10 globally

Hungarian passport among the top 10 globally

Online daily Index reports that the list ranking the strongest passports of the world was published recently, featuring Hungary. The list was compiled based on The Henley Passport Index, taking into consideration how many countries one can visit with a particular passport without needing a visa.

In 2017, Germany led the list of the strongest passports: German citizens could travel to 177 countries out of 218 without having a visa. Hungary stood on the 28th place, with 168 visitable countries. It is interesting to take a look at the numbers: the difference between Germany and Hungary is only 9 possible destinations, yet Hungary fell way behind the previous. However, thanks to the ties between nations, the Hungarian passport actually counts as the 10th strongest one.

Visual Capitalist’s Passport Index ranked the Hungarian passport the 29th out of 150 in July

The top 10 is as follows:

Germany (177)
Singapore (176)
Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom (175)
Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland (174)
Ireland, Portugal, South Korea, United States (173)
Canada (172)
Australia, Greece, New Zealand (171)
The Czech Republic, Iceland (170)
Malta (169)
Hungary (168)


The Afghan passport counts as the weakest one: citizens of Afghanistan can only visit 24 countries without a visa. People living in Iraq and Syria are heavily bound too, as they can travel to 27 and respectively 28 countries visa-free.

featured image: Daily News Hungary


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