Three Hungarian companies got onto the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) ranking list of Deloitte Technology Fast 500, which ranks the fastest developing technological companies of the region – reports

It was the 15th time that Deloitte announced the Technology Fast 500 list, 20 countries became ranked in the EMEA region. The revenue-increase of the last four years was taken into account when they compiled the list. Among the Hungarian companies Innovatix Kft. is the 93th with its tenfold (1070%) increase, Attrecto Zrt. is the 138th with the increase of 764% and JCQ Hungary Kft. deserved the 239th place with its increase of 480%.

INNOVATIX develops visual technical solutions and smart phone applications, Attrecto Zrt. is also a smart phone software developing company, while JCQ Hungary Kft. developes light modernization solutions with LED techniques for the different branches of the industry.

The list is led by the Swedish software-making Fingerprint Cards AB, which offers fingerprint-biometric solutions; the majority of the companies on the list are from the software industry.

According to Balász Csűrös, program leader of Deloitte, the Central-European companies are taking larger and larger parts out of the fastest increasing global technological companies while the significance of the nano- and biotechnological  companies, as well as the energy industry, have increased.

France is the best represented country on the list – similarly to the previous years – with 94 France-based companies. England and the Netherlands are on the second and third place. There are ten Central-European companies in the top 100 of the list.

The whole Central-European region is represented by 39 companies on the Technology Fast 500 list, out of them 15 companies are Poland-based. Six Czech, four Slovakian, three-three Croatian, Romanian and Hungarian, and one Bosnian Herzegovinian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Serbian and Slovenian company is on the list.


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