Rejoice rock fans! Today Heroes Square will become a hosting arena for the concert of the iconic rock band, Scorpions. This will be the rare chance for all fans of this legendary group to listen to their best pieces during the compelling live show set in the delicate light of the sunset.

The last time Scorpions performed in Budapest back in 2010. Four years later they are coming back to reunite with their long-time friends, the Hungarian rock band, Omega. These quintessential rock artists will present their most popular pieces as well as collaborations and fusions. This unforgettable program will take place during the Freedom Concert (Szabadságkoncert)on June 16th from 18-30. The concert is absolutely free of charge and aims to attract everyone from the true fans of Omega and Scorpions to simply curious. It is impossible not to be seduced by the live show of the international rock titans and bold allure of the rosé-colored sunset in the wondrous settings of Heroes Square.

There is no word yet about the duration of the concert or the fixed set of songs. However, fans are anticipating the classic Gyöngyhajú lány by Omega, which was also arranged by Scorpions and was named White Doveand of course,Wind of Change. The music of both bands speaks to different generations – their creations are timeless; there are those, who fondly remember Scorpions and Omega from the 80’s teenage hood and those, who fell under their spell in 2000’s.

The anticipations of the concert only heighten the emotions. There will be thousands of people watching the show; in order to secure yourself a spot, probably the best idea would be to join vibrant, global community of Omega and Scorpions fans earlier than 18-30.

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translated by Ekaterina Egorova

Photo: MTI – Szilard Koszticsak


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