Tom Hanks arrived to Budapest last spring to shoot Inferno, but the actor is likely to return to the Hungarian capital, Blikk writes.

Director Ron Howard (61) was dissatisfied with the quality of a couple of scenes that were shot in Budapest and ordered the whole staff, including Tom Hanks, to return to Hungary and reshoot the questionable scenes. Although this procedure is likely to add another hundreds of millions [sic!] to the production’s cost, the producers have agreed to the changes.

Blikk was informed by one of the extras in the movie. He said that the trip to Budapest is already being organized and the whole staff is going to be back soon. The informant was surprised when he heard the news but said that it’s not uncommon to reshoot certain scenes.

Budapest gives home to several scenes that take place in Venice and Firenze in the book. The crew was in Budapest for months, and rumour has it that Tom Hanks had a wonderful time in the Hungarian capital.

Two Hungarian actors have minor roles in the movie: Attila Árpa plays an agent while Kata Sarbó got the role of a guard.

Cover photo: Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

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