Portfolio.hu collected a couple of places which changed their original functions.


Once there was a ground school in the 3500 sqare foot-building in Hegedű Street 3. Tűraktér club was operating here between 2008 and 2011, then the City Council of Terézváros made it move out. After that, the 6. district wrote a tender, which was won by the designers of Iskol, who wanted to create a new cultural center. The new club opened in the autumn of 2012 in order to bring back the feeling of the schools of the 70’s and 80’s. You can find here a canteen, a gym and even a wine bar, which could be popular among students. Due to renovation, Iskola was closed in August, but it was present at the Sziget Festival. Reopening will be in September, portfolio.hu says.

Dürer Garden

The most famous club of the Városliget is located in the Ajtósi Dürer sor 19, which formerly belonged to the ELTE. Before the opening in 2008, it gave place to the Faculty of Humanities and the college. Nowadays, Dürer is known for its huge garden.


According to portfolio.hu, A38 – one of the most popular club in Budapest – was a ship called Artemovsk 38. Artemovsk  stone carrier ship was built in 1968 in Ukraine and she has been anchoring in Budapest from 2003. It required two years for planning, permitting and  the construction work. A38 won the best club title in a vote of Electronic Beats.


Trafó was a transformer station in Liliom Street and it was built in 1909. The station was closed in 1960 and it was empty for 40 years. It got a cultural function int he ’90s for the first time. The French anarchist artist group Resonance opened the house and they organized performances and concerts. The Council of Budapest bought the house in 1995. Trafó House of Contemporary Arts is operating here from 1998.


Tesla.rar is a new club in the building of a former transformer station, next to the Electrotechincal Museum. Behind the building there is a power transormer station, which was responsible for the power supply of the city of Budapest for nearly a half century.


Hellobaby is located in the villa of Andrássy Street, whose first floor is operating as a library daytime. The building is also known as Haggenmacher Palace, because it was built by Henry Haggenmacher in 1886. The empty ground floor was bought in 2012 and Hellobabybar opened in spring 2013.

based on the article of portfolio.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: facebook.com/hellobabybar and facebook.com/teslarar

Source: http://www.portfolio.hu/

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