Budapest, June 21 (MTI) – Following a Constitutional Court ruling rejecting several appeals against the government-backed referendum against the European Union’s mandatory migrant quota system, the popular vote on the quotas will go ahead, a government spokesman said on Tuesday.

Earlier today the court rejected four appeals against plans to hold the referendum.

Left-wing politicians attacked the government’s plans to put the issue to a popular vote but no obstacles remain, Bence Tuzson, state secretary for government communications, told a press conference. According to the legal timetable, the referendum is most likely to be held in September or October. The government asks Hungarians to say no to EU quotas, he added.

The Jobbik party said the referendum was purely aimed at political gains for ruling Fidesz. Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki said that the ruling parties were working to “promote migration for campaign purposes” rather than to stem the process.

Mirkóczki said in a statement that though his party had supported the referendum, Jobbik thought that thwarting the quota system through a constitutional amendment would have been more effective because “it does not cost any money and its outcome is more certain”.

Mirkóczki insisted that the funds to finance the referendum was “money down the drain”, which could have been used instead to set up a proper border guard.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Hasn’t Hungary suffered enough? Why have an outside organization force their will upon the people of a sovereign country? Whoever would support the E.U. is a traitor to their country and family.

    Regardless of the politics, each party should be supportive of the referendum and look at the dramatic effect the settling of mass economic migrants would have on the country.

    Look at the hell France, Belgium and Germany have become. Terrorist havens, mass rape, child molestations etc. Europe, especially those countries aforementioned, look like third world countries now and definitely off many tourist lists.

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