Taking a relaxing and long stroll in the beautiful gardens of Hungarian castles is the best experience and summertime activity one should do.

Turizmus wrote about the top five Hungarian castles that have amazing gardens.

Eszterházy Castle, Fertőd

The garden of this Hungarian castle has approximately 8,000 roses with small French-styled houses, long trails and fantastic structure. Moreover, the interior design of the castle is an outstanding spot in Hungary; no wonder it is often referred to as the Hungarian Versailles. 

Fertőd-Esterházy Palace-2
Photo: Nóra Csécsei

Festetics Palace, Keszthely

After renovation works, the garden of Festetics looks exactly like it was originally built in the 19th century. The garden even features a bird park where some animals can be even held in hands.

Festetics Castle, Keszthely, Hungary, castle, building
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Festetics Castle, building, Keszthely, Hungary, castle, castle garden
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Béla Balla

Festetics Castle, Dég

This garden is the biggest and only English-styled garden in Hungary. The castle is currently being renovated, but its garden is open for visitors. While you are here, do not forget to visit its iconic Dutch house as well.

Telek-Degenfeld Castle Katély
Photo: www.kastelyszirak.hu

Andrássy Castle, Tiszadob

With its blue towers and the view of the River Tisza, its garden features a complete labyrinth to walk in.

Andrássy Castle Tiszadob Kastély
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Károlyi Castle, Füzérradvány

The garden of the castle has the biggest and oldest Platanus trees in Hungary with long trails, a lake and a bridge over it. 

Füzérradvány Károlyi-kastély Károlyi Mansion
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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