Ship collision
Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Disturbing new evidence suggests that warning signals on the tourist ship Viking Sigyn did not work because they had been deliberately turned those off.

As reported, Dr Zsolt Sógor, attorney to the sunk sightseeing boat Hableány has received documents that contain the experts’ opinion on the incident. The experts based their assessment on witness reports of the 184 passengers and 46 crew members of the tourist ship Viking Sigyn, including a video taken from the deck of the ship. The report highlights that 

there is no sign of the Viking Sigyn slowing down, even though the captain MUST HAVE seen the other boat.

Another distressing fact is that the Viking Sigyn’s warning signals, explicitly used in rainy, stormy weather just like that of the accident, have been deliberately turned off. The warning signals give off a sound that alerts the captain: had the signals been turned on, the disaster could probably have been averted.

According to one sailing expert, the reason for the existence of warning signals is to alert the captain if he is not paying attention. Why it had been turned off is a mystery.

You can find out more about the capsized sightseeing boat here and here.


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