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Trade union up in arms about teacher code of ethics

Trade union up in arms about teacher code of ethics

Budapest, November 4 (MTI) – A major teachers’ union is riled by a plan to force their members to sign up to a code of ethics.

Noting its request to the Constitutional Court to review the public education legislation on the code of ethics, PSZ told the body to which all teachers must belong, the National Teachers Chamber, that a planned vote on national code of ethics should be removed from the agenda of its Nov. 14 general assembly.

In an open letter published on Wednesday, the union said the constitution does not provide any legal basis for the teachers’ chamber to require teachers to abide by a code of ethics which would effectively introduce mandatory rules for teachers.

PSZ also appealed to members of the teachers chamber to withhold approval of the code of ethics until the top court publishes its review.



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  1. Kulfoldivedo

    What’s the problem here? Does the head of the Union want to keep the members potentially ignorant of what the code of conduct is between a teacher and student?
    Ok, i get it, this is a joke right?

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