Although the ad of the Slovakian meat company is seen on the truck, in which up to 50 refugees died, the vehicle is not the property of the company, which belongs to the Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis. Its recent buyer is a Hungarian company which is based in Budapest. Even the government agencies were not able to contact the company’s representatives, said

The truck, in which refugees’ corpses were found in Austria yesterday, has Hungarian license plates and Slovakian advertising inscriptions. Despite the Slovakian text, the vehicle’s last known owner is MasterMobilKer Kft.,a Hungarian enterprise.

The company cannot be found

The main activity of the 2011-founded company is automotive and light vehicle trade, but according to data, wood-, construction materials-, sanitary equipment wholesale, automotive repair, maintenance, repair physical well-being activities, restaurant and mobile food services are also belong its profile.

According to data available on the Internet, the owner is a Hungarian man whose address is a farmhouse near Kecskemet. Since 2015 May, a man was born in Ukraine is also authorized to represent the company, his delivery agent is a Hungarian man with an address in Petofiszallas.

The 14th district registration office tried to write a letter to the company last November, but it got them back with a “moved” sign.

The truck found in Austria – along with several other ones – was sold by Hyza last year or the year before. The vehicle’s new owner became a Slovakian company, and it sold the truck, where the ads have not been removed from, to the Hungarian MasterMobilKer Kft.

Uncertain Romanian connection

Janos Lazar, Minster of the Prime Minister’s Office said at this press conference in Budapest that the temporary license plate of the truck was requested by a Romanian citizen in Kecskemet.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest said that no Romanian citizens were concerned.

They wrote in their statement that the Hungarian authorities told Romania’s embassy in Budapest the truck’s temporary license plate was not requested by a Romanian citizen, said.

Otherwise, Z-marked license plates can be given to those cars or trucks which were bought newly or second-hand (the point is they cannot be operated) in Hungary, and they are exported to foreign countries. The foreign official signal lost in Hungary is also be replaced by this one. The truck, in which the corpses were found, has the same license plate.

According to, only foreign citizens or Hungarians living permanently abroad can request the Z license plate, if they insure the vehicle for 30 days (this is at least HUF 12 thousand). In addition, a board must be made (HUF 13 thousand), a temporary traffic license must be issued (HUF 2500) and HUF 10 thousand must be paid for administration. The function of the Z-plate is mostly comparable to the yellow German export license plate.

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