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A letter has been going around recently, criticising Donald Trump’s stance towards Hungary – reports 22 Democrats have signed the letter, and its main point of criticism is that the sum of 700 000 dollars dedicated to supporting Hungarian independent journalism was withdrawn back in July.

The letter addressed to the U.S. Department of State’s department of European and Eurasian Affairs was penned by Marcy Kaptur, leader of the Hungarian Caucus. The primary question raised in the letter inquires as to why the US government decided to withdraw the designated support.

They also note that Hungarian independent journalism is becoming more and more suppressed, while the Hungarian government uses public funds to finance media outlets that report news by sources like Russia Today or Sputnik, widely known as mouthpieces of the Russian government.

According to Politico, Marcy Kaptur said in a statement that

“Independent media in Hungary has come under fire from the government. Media consolidated in the hands of a few is a weapon against liberty.”

The 22 Democrats who signed the letter believe that independent journalism in Hungary is under severe threat, so the US should take some measures. Both the U.S. Department of State and the Hungarian embassy in Washington were asked to comment on the issue but both declined to answer any questions.

The spokesperson of the Department of State defended their silence by stating that “We do not comment on congressional correspondence. We respond to congressional inquiries through appropriate channels.”

Back in August David Cornstein,

the new U.S. ambassador in Budapest, stated that he has not experienced any signs of infringements on freedom in Hungary so far.

However, he said that if he noticed anything, he would speak out.


As we wrote today, the Hungarian government’s policies are increasingly understood and appreciated in the United States, Zoltán Kovács, the government spokesman, said at the end of a four-day official visit that included discussions at think-tanks and media outlets, read more HERE.

For more news, check out this article about an American journalist’s opinion on Hungary.

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  1. The great Weakness of the United States in the Field of English-language broadcast, Journalism, today…even though the United States is English-speaking…unlike Russia, which, overwhelmingly, is not…& which besides…Russia-Moscow, unlike Russia-St. Petersburg, has no Tradition of Free Speech, even in Russian, let alone in English…Russia’s RT, starting from Scratch & against all Odds, has been allowed to assume a near absolute Monopoly in world-wide, English-language Online Broadcasting.

    The BBC, which ruled the Airwaves for nearly a Century, is so associated with the late, satanic, Paedophile, Jimmy Savile, & the Persecution of Julian Assange & Tommy Robinson that is has become painful to watch…& Nobody I know watches Al Jazeera or Franch 24…or outside the US, even CNN or What is left?

    An American Idea to challenge RT, beginning in Europe (coming from, Native Son, Yours truly, if you don’t mind), is “Central European Univision”…aka “The New CEU”…a privately-owned Broadcaster, in which Marcy Kaptur, who I have always thought was pretty cool”, might even have her own Polish-Cooking Show, from what I can see, is already getting started at Origo Studios in Budapest…& I am sure that any Portion of the $700,000 of US Funding earmarked for independent Journalism in Hungary, sent to the “New CEU” would be graciously accepted.

    The $700,000 shoulod be sent to the Marketing Director of Origo Studios, Mihaly Toth…& tell him I said not to waste it.

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