Since Friday the caricature exhibition ‘Twisted Mirrors 1989’ organized by the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice presents the period of the border-opening and the change of political regime through forty then-contemporary cartoons.

At the opening of the exhibition; Monika Balatoni, the Minister of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice said that for present generations freedom is completely natural and self-evident; yet the cartoons featured arouse young people’s interest, the need in them to get familiar with the illustrated historical era and persons.

Monika Balatoni thanked those artists who back then captured the happenings of 1989 for young people as a reality to be interpreted in a very different way than what history books have to offer. She recalled that cartoonist depicted the then-contemporary reality by means of satire and twisted mirrors; which was a very strong criticism.


The exhibition featuring forty drawings picks form the works of authors of the satirical weekly sheets Ludas Matyi and Új Szabad Száj and uses material from the special issue of the WittyWorld International Cartoon Magazine titled Fall of Communism in order to evoke the essence of contemporary political caricatures.

As Monika Balatoni said, the exhibition is up to display in the Akvarium Klub for a month, then it will get to the halls of all significant Hungarian universities and to some German universities as well.

Press release: Ministry of Public Administration and Justice

Photo: MTI – Noemi Bruzak


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