Kiss Love Couple Sunset

Both members of the couple were sentenced to prison because of murder. Both their penalties ended, but their love did not, and now they are raising their child together. Renáta had previously killed her father, and Nándor had murdered his former girlfriend, NLC writes.

When she committed the crime, Renáta was only 16.

She murdered her father in 2008 with extreme cruelty because the father forbade Renáta to meet her former lover. Renáta and her mother drugged the father – who was said to have molested his daughter before – and beat him with a crowbar. He was still alive when they buried him in a nearby cemetery. Renáta and her mother were soon found out and were sentenced to imprisonment.

Nándor was 17 when he slaughtered his ex-girlfriend with 54 knife stabs.

The boy admitted that he murdered his 16-year-old girlfriend after she broke up with him. He said that he was jealous and could not bear the break-up, but he did not remember the details of the bestial crime afterwards.

Although the two juvenile convicts spent their imprisonment in separate prisons, they met each other at joint programs, Christmas celebrations, and their love lasted beyond their sentence. Now they live together with their little daughter in the area where Nándor’s victim used to live.

Nándor graduated from high school and then college while in jail, and now he works in one of the city’s largest gyms.

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