Budapest (MTI) – Two Hungarian MEPs are included on a list of “reliable allies” of the European Policy Institute linked to Hungarian-born American financer George Soros, online news portal reported on Monday.

The portal cited a series of documents linked to Soros which had been leaked through email communications published by WikiLeaks in early August. It was among these leaked documents that the list compiled by the European Policy Institute was found.

The EPI is operated by the Open Society Foundations, which was founded by Soros, the article noted. In the report entitled “Reliable allies in the European Parliament 2014-2020”, Péter Niedermüller of the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) and Tamás Meszerics of opposition LMP were named among the hundreds of “reliable partners” of the above organisations. The list also includes Guy Verhofstadt, currently the head of the EP group for the Liberals.


FOREIGN MINISTER OWS US CRITICISM OF HUNGARY TO SOROS’ ‘DISSATISFACTION’ WITH GOVERNMENT wrote that both Meszerics and Niedermüller are left-wing politicians who “support the European Union’s forced resettlement quotas”. It added that Niedermuller had voted in favour of the Tavares Report, which considered sanctions against Hungary, as well as a proposal to punish countries which do not support the migrant quota system.

Asked to comment on the article, Niedermüller told MTI that had “disregarded the facts” as he had not been an MEP at the time the Tavares Report was voted on. He added that it had long been “common knowledge that his DK party has radically different views on European immigration and refugee policies than the Hungarian government”.

Meszerics told MTI that he had met representatives of the Open Society Foundation to discuss several issues, which did not include migration. He added that he found nothing “questionable” about this and that he was proud to be included on such a list, along with more than half of the MEPs of the Greens group.

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