Lately, Uber (offering cheap passenger transport in Budapest, too) has been accused many times. The answer: the company only employs the best drivers, rated by the passengers.

Uber, known as the nightmare of taxi drivers, has been offering cheap passenger transport for 3 months in Budapest, too. As the drivers have not been tested, many people criticized the service, as well as its financial model. It has been banned in France (due to economic reasons); and in India, a driver has been accused of raping a passenger.

HVG shows a very convincing response to the criticism: the statistics of Uber in San Francisco. Passengers rate drivers on a scale from 1 to 5, and the lowest average is 4,4. Drivers rated between 4,4 and 4,6 are not considered good by Uber. They are seriously monitored all around the world, and can be fired anytime.

Consequently, only drivers producing above 4,6 can feel safe, which is comforting for passengers, too.

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translated by Vivien Pásztai


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