Budapest, June 28 (MTI) – British visitors are important for Hungary’s tourism industry, but tourists from the UK could be discouraged from travelling to Hungary by the weakening of the pound, business daily Világgazdaság reported on Tuesday.

Ákos Niklai, the head of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants (MSZESZ) said revenues generated by British tourists are the fastest growing segment, albeit not the biggest one, in tourism. British visitors stand out in “party tourism”: they often come for just a few days but spend quite a lot in restaurants, bars and spas, the paper said.

According to data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), 74,000 visitors came to Hungary from the UK in the first quarter of 2014. This rose to 126,000 in the first quarter of 2016. Spending by British tourists rose from 9 billion forints (EUR 28.4) to 16 billion forints in this period. Niklai said it is difficult to predict the effects of Brexit on Hungary, but a weakening pound will not help incoming tourism from the UK. However, Hungary still counts as a “very cheap” destination, he told the paper.


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  1. Why doesn’t the government actively open up Fly Balaton, this would bring in thousands of UK visitors.

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