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Budapest (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz party said on Saturday that Ferenc Gyurcsany, leader of the Democratic Coalition, is working to overthrow the government of Viktor Orban.

In a statement, Szilard Nemeth said that it had become clear that Andre Goodfriend, the American charge d’affaires in Budapest, was playing from “Gyurcsany’s playbook”.

Referring to “a scrap of paper” which he said had been handed into the Hungarian foreign ministry by the Americans, he said the document contained a collection of the political slanders of the opposition over the past few years.

He said Ferenc Gyurcsany, on the night of the parliamentary elections, which were “a catastrophic failure for them”, announced that he would do everything to overthrow Orban and his government. The Fidesz deputy parliamentary group leader added that it was probable that Gyurcsany had “worked with foreign help” to fulfil his promise, since he had not participated in parliamentary work for several weeks.

Orban told public Kossuth Radio on Friday that the US entry ban was losing its gravity and “the whole thing is becoming more and more chaotic”.

Orban referred to the purported embassy document as “a scrap of paper” with no stamp or signature, containing an “unstructured collection of accusations we heard from the opposition during the past four years”. The document appears “as if somebody wanted to drag us back into the political situation before the elections”, he added.

“One takes criticism from friends seriously… but now it is becoming more and more difficult,” Orban said, adding that “any ambassador presenting a paper like that to a government should be withdrawn from their post the next day”.

Later on Friday, addressing a celebration marking the 25th anniversary of the presence of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and General Electric in Hungary, Orban said there may be disputes between the governments of Hungary and the United States, but the two countries were allies and friends.

There isn’t anybody with a sober mind in Europe, in central Europe or Hungary who would wish to have the era of the cold war back, Orban said. Europeans want respect for international law, peace, partnership and economic prosperity that go with them, he added. “We do not want European prosperity to become an interlude between two cold wars,” Orban said.

Democratic Coalition (DK) spokesman Zsolt Greczy said in a statement on Saturday that Gyurcsany and DK did indeed want to see the “Orban regime” overthrown. People who attend anti-government protests in their masses want the same, he added. “What else should DK be doing when “the regime is suffocating from corruption, and the institutional system for freedom, democracy and social solidarity has been destroyed?” In Orban’s Hungary, only those who belong to his “circle of chums” have the opportunity to thrive, he said. Hungary’s past allies “despise our country’s current leaders,” he added.

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  1. It is obvious why Gyurcsány Ferenc and other sick Socialist members want to overthrow Obán Victor and the ruling FIDESZ party. They do not care about the Hungarian people. All they want to do is to put the country back where it was, under Socialist rule, and Socialist dictatorship. The country became poor, the Socialist leaders became rich, the country was sold off to other countries, people lost their jobs. Hungary was suffering from corruption then, not now. Hungary is now on the mend with a caring party in power. If the Socialists get in power again, you will not see a change on waking the following day, we will all be dead. Gyurcsány is a very angry person because he lost so heavely in all the elections since 2010. If you like Communism so much, Gyurcsány, and all you other Socialist people, move to a communist country and let the true Hungarian people live in peace and prosperity under a government that knows what it is doing, FIDESZ.

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