Varsó, 2016. november 21. Csoportkép a visegrádi négyek (V4) belügyminiszterei találkozójának résztvevõirõl Varsóban 2016. november 21-én. Az elsõ sorban balról jobbra: Jiri Novacek cseh belügyminiszter-helyettes, Robert Kalinak szlovák, Mariusz Blaszczak lengyel és Pintér Sándor magyar belügyminiszter, a hátsó sorban balról jobbra: Andrej Spenga horvát belügyi államtitkár, Vlaho Orepic horvát, Wolfgang Sobotka osztrák belügyminiszter, Philip Gounev bolgár, Jakub Skiba lengyel belügyminiszter-helyettes és Theo Francken belga menekültügyi és migrációs államtitkár. (MTI/AP/Czarek Sokolowski)

Warsaw (MTI) – The Visegrad Four grouping of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia will set up a crisis management centre for handling migration, Hungary’s interior minister announced on Monday.

The centre will be headed by Poland, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the V4, Sándor Pintér told a press conference after a meeting of V4 interior ministers in Warsaw.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said the centre will coordinate measures by V4 member states aimed at aiding refugees in crisis-hit regions. It will also serve as a platform for sharing national measures aimed at tackling the migrant crisis with the rest of the group and for coordinating funds to be spent on these measures.

The meeting was also attended by the interior ministers of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

Photo: MTI/AP/Czarek Sokolowski

Source: MTI

  1. Patrick–Canadian journalist. The formation of this crisis centre makes senses and I would suggest is slightly overdue? The world has become increasingly unstable and because of geography Europe is the all to obvious target of increasingly dangerous illegal migration. That boatload of Egyptians (560 of them) that sank in the Med. came straight from Egypt not from Libya. But the hopeless waffling Junkers and Brussels don’t seem understand reality! Merkal said that this mass migration will change the face of europe–that was an understatement!! Given the sheer birth rate of the Muslim world–5 to 9 childern per family compared to Europes 1–3–the demographic projections are frightening! That is reality.The Sunni–Shia hatreds and all their subsecs will be played out on the streets of Europe–because our mindless politicians are PIMPING for the Saudis Arabians who are spreading their virulent utterly intolerant Wahabist version of Islam in our towns and citys.BEWARE !!

  2. You can not set up a center, if it is for the housing, short-time, of migrants. Any center, building, housing, gives them a foothold in the country and allows the migrants a base.

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