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Kós Károly Promenade — which runs through Városliget (Budapest City Park) — will be closed to vehicles on weekends until September, except the one around 20th August. The purpose of this action is to make the public park more quiet with cleaner air, and to make visiting Városliget a more pleasant experience, according to

It is not likely that this limitation will cause any serious disruptions. Representatives of Budapest Közút Inc. claim that the traffic of Andrássy Street and the inner city might decrease during these weekends.

Parking will be still allowed in this area, and only destination traffic may enter Állatkerti Avenue. Kós Károly Promenade will be closed at the entrance of the bridge over Városligeti Lake, so the Millenium Monument will be still accessible by car. Állatkerti Avenue will be approachable from Heroes’ Square.

It will not be possible to drive along Kacsóh Pongrác Street from the direction of the M3 motorway’s entrance. Állatkert Avenue will be accessible through the following path: M3 motorway-Hungária Avenue-Erzsébet királyné Street-Hermina Street. Trolley bus 74’s path will not be changed, as the direct passage from M3 motorway will be allowed for public transport.

The exit of M3 motorway will be accessible from Hermina Street and Állatkerti Avenue. This will be possible by applying the rules of destination traffic after finishing parking.

It is recommended to use the M2-M0-Váci Street path as an alternative route.

Those who have vehicle pass to the territory of Vajdahunyad Castle may approach Kós Károly Promenade from the direction of Heroes’ Square.


Photo: Daily News Hungary

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