The two major companies used worldwide are introducing a payment system for credit cards that works all day and night. This function can soon be used in Hungary as well, even with the Viber app.

Portfólió reported that this function is not for free, unfortunately, but it is available for only a little extra. The users of Viber will soon be able to send money to each other through the app with the help of Mastercard, Viber, and the Hungarian start-up company NeoPay.

Based on the MoneySend technology of Mastercard, the money sent will arrive at the bank account the moment it was sent. This function will be available on weekends and during the evening, too.

After downloading the Viber app, users only have to click on the Moneytou button to start this function. Users will be able to register more than one credit card (Mastercard, VISA) and choose which one they would like to use before the transaction. An online chatbot will also be available if users experience malfunctions. The credit cards need to be registered only once.

The function will be introduced in many countries because statistics showed that there is a strong demand for people to transact money anytime, anyplace.

Users can transact 125,000 HUF (360 EUR)/month and 780,000 HUF (2270 EUR)/year.

New feature of Viber – especially for Hungarians! 

An independent research studio of Szeged has created a chatbot that includes the Hungarian railway timetable. Operators of Viber liked the idea so much that they built it into the system of the popular chat application, extended with a tag pack.



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