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An independent research studio of Szeged has created the chatbot that includes the Hungarian railway timetable. Operators of Viber liked the idea so much that they built it into the system of the popular chat application, extended with a tag pack.

The name of the chatbot is Sihuhu, and it was developed by

RoboRobo (a research studio in Szeged) two years ago on its own expense, without any financial support from MÁV (Hungarian State Railways).

The main function of Sihuhu is to help passengers in their everyday journeys. Since then, the schedule information of MÁV has also been made available on Facebook Messenger in a similar form. There is no need for downloading/installing anything. The only thing you need to do is pull up the schedule within the app. 

Schedule of Sihuhu in Viber

Based on a report from the software company of Szeged, Viber has noticed their innovation, and thanks to international cooperation, now it is also available in the app.  Want to try? Click on this link (if you have the app on your device) or find it in the app. So, let us see how this new function works, shall we?

Sihuhu needs the names of settlements typed in (e.g. Szeged-Budapest), and it can immediately call down the train schedule on that particular line. It can also interpret abbreviations (e.g. Bp, Sopron) and it can easily list the closest trains in time. It can also understand our certain words and adapt to our intentions e.g. (Győr-Budapest “without transfer”). All train trips have their own data page that can be saved within the app and can be easily sent to others.  

With Sihuhu emerging, users of the app were granted a special pack of tags in Hungarian. The first tags of the pack are in correlation with the weather and the missing air conditioners on the trains – this is clear evidence of how operators of the app are informed about Hungary – or a lucky choice. We may never know.

Viber matricák
Tags of the new Hungarian pack of Viber








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