Budapest, February 12 (MTI) – The civilian victims of the WW2 Siege of Budapest were commemorated on Wednesday in Farkasret cemetery.

Government Commissioner Laszlo L Simon, speaking in front of around a hundred people in the pouring rain, said the right and duty to commemorate could not be appropriated.

The conclusion to be drawn from disputes over historical and political issues in the past few weeks is that all people that the Hungarian nation lost should be commemorated, including civilians, victims of the Holocaust, the deportees, the heroes fighting for their homeland, the victims of the German and Soviet occupying armies, those deprived of their property and the victims of rape, he said.

The 102-day siege of Budapest by the Soviet Army, one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War II, ended on February 13, 1945, with the city’s unconditional surrender. It claimed the lives of nearly 200,000 people, including 38,000 civilians, and left about half a million people seriously wounded. About 27 percent of the city’s 40,000 buildings were destroyed and the retreating Germans blew up the city’s seven bridges spanning the Danube.

Photo: MTI


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