MACRON, Emmanuel France
Photo: MTI/EPA/Christophe Petit Tesson

Bertalan Havasi, head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister has informed that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has sent a letter of congratulation to Emmanuel Macron, who was elected France’s new president on Sunday. President János Áder has congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his election as president of France, the president’s office said on Monday.

“I look forward to our cooperation and trust that in future we will have the opportunity to further develop our bilateral relations, and also to discuss our ideas with relation to the future of Europe”, Mr. Orbán wrote to the new French President.

Áder said that Hungary considers France an important ally and partner, and expressed trust that the two countries’ thriving relationships can be further enriched in the coming years.

Hungary’s president said that paying distinguished attention to Europe’s development, the welfare and safety of its citizens and finding solutions for global challenges are key priorities, in which France can “count on Hungary playing an active role”. He expressed hope that they would have an opportunity to discuss these issues personally in the near future.

Macron is the youngest French president in the history and he was defeating first the mainstream center left and center right and now the far right as well. Independent centrist Macron has defeated Marine Le Pen by 65% to 35%.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Christophe Petit Tesson

Source: Press Office of the Prime Minister

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