(MTI) – The national epidemiology centre OEK declared a nationwide flu epidemic in Hungary on Wednesday.

Based on doctors’ reports monitored, OEK said that a total of 17,100 patients sought medical treatment for influensa symptoms between Feb 3-9, 20 percent more than during the preceding week.

OEK said it marked substantial disparities among regions: the largest number of patients turning to doctors catering for a 100,000 patients per region on average was the highest in the capital city, in Pest county and in Gyor-Moson-Sopron county.

More than 25 percent of all patients were children, 40 percent aged between 15-34.

In the western Veszprem county alone, over 70 percent of patients were younger than 15, said OEK.

Photo: www.boon.hu

Source: http://hungarymatter.hu/

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